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The classic television-based home shopping industry quickly became a major player in the retail industy. The two most successful shopping channels – HSN and QVC – generate a combined total of over 10 billion dollars in sales every year. Today the internet is king. Internet-based online shopping was worth more than $200 billion per annum in 2008. Join us and give value to your shopping experience.


Clubwww1 is one of the largest content service providers on the web today.  As our partner we are sure you will enjoy many hours of happy shopping online.

In a nutshell, Clubwww1 offers services from the mundane necessities of daily living to the most complicated relationships, from the simplest start-up business initiatives to over-the-edge deals and global affairs management.  It answers your questions while offering its consulting services.  It provides you with resources from market research, surveys, polls, data analysis, personal and organizational training and development while assisting in your product sales, marketing and distribution.  On a personal level, it guides you in your constant search for the elusive joy that only success in any form and shape, can bring.

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The answer is simple, the benefits are such that non membership means the instant loss of discounted services, special privileges and the ability to earn as you and your friends shop   At the same time start a career and use your membership to fund your lifestyle changes.

Clubwww1 provides advertising, marketing and distribution advice to its members as required. 

Website development

Members are given special access to our web developers and offered very special prices.  We aim to build sites within 48hrs so that web presence is immediate.  Content should be internet friendly.

Non members

The worldwide web or as it is better known the Internet has changed the way we seek information.  Surfing the net is now probably the number 1 past time for many people.

The task, apart from the entertainment, games and the like, is to search for and review information.  From the information to prepare or make an informed choice, whether it is for educational purposes, personal circumstances or business activities.  The result of the process will affect or change a future motion or reaction.

Clubwww1 offers a systematic approach to researching the vast amount of information on the worldwide web.  Membership (Associate, Full or Premier) is open to everyone young or old.  New or experienced users can request personal tutoring or schedule appointments. The program offers, Marketing, Training & Development, e Courses, New Business start-ups, Credit Repair help and or advice.  Advice to Life Services and e bay Solutions and Services as well as E Shopping, Vacations, Travel Planning, Health Care and General Education.

What is great is the fact the customers get to buy the original, authentic product at special price or discount.  If you are a Commission Affiliate, you share in the income received by the company.  The benefit is clear for all to see…and the income potential for earning extra cash, governed by your efforts is enormous. Remember you are only directing your friends to the best and most reasonable products and services at prices that are generous and often reduced packaged over the web or internet whichever you prefer.

Clubwww1 provides the quality at your finger tips, a quality that comes with working with the best companies around the world. Enjoy the benefits and if you chose the rewards.

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